Hey you! Yeah you!

Hey you! Yeah you!
Thanks for visiting my blog! Couple of things you should know:
1 I'm a girl
2 I'm a Belieber
3 You can't change number 2
4 I play baseball
5 I am crazy about finding talented people on youtube so if you know someone feel free to comment a link!

Justin in jail

just because Justin is my idol doesn't mean I approve what he did. Speedracing, drinking, smoking weed aren't good things but there are a lot of people judging him for things they probably tried once too. He gets judged for doing this but when other people do it no one pays attention to it. They don't realize that it's not only Justin fault that he is becoming like this. The media created a person that doesn't even exist and now he couldn't take it anymore. He knows what he did was wrong and he cried when he called one of his best friends because he knew he let us down a bit. But we won't leave him for making mistakes.



So tomorrow I got to go to school again. Normally I would be quite happy because I can see all my friends again but this time I'm just like fuck school and all the drama. I really dont want to go and face my ex every day again. I really don't want to see all those bitches every day again. Sorry for the rude language lol



So our Justin is going on a well deserved break but I will miss him so much. He really needs the break to just be with his family and friends back home in Canada but it will be very hard to not get new music and music videos from him for a year or two

Funny moments 2013

So 2013 is almost over so another Bieber-year has passed. We all watched him laughing, crying, singing and giving intervieuws. We don't like it when he cries it breaks our hearts I know. So to make sure you've seen him laugh enough here are some amazing funny moments of our Justin.


Jamie's world

Hey you!
If you didn't already check her out you should take a look at her video's on youtube. I'm talking about Jamie! She is a girl from New Zealand with an amazing voice and she is hilarious!

that's the link to her account make sure to check her out if you want to have laugh!

My first log!!

Hey guys this is my first log i'm so excited!!
I've always wanted to write my thoughts down on a blog and to maybe help people with that. It would be so awesome to have regular readers and people who follow me. So umm... well here I am, finally making a blog yayy!
So I guess I should tell you something about myself. The most important things about me are: I'm a Belieber, I like boys, I play baseball and softball, I LOVE music and I'm teaching myself to play the piano.

Thanks for reading bye
Love .. A Belieber with a blog!